BGA Invest is an investment company with a regional focus on entrepreneurs and businesses. With strong financial backing and an active ownership approach, BGA Invest strives to create long-term growth and profitability in the companies we invest in.

BGA Invest AB emerged from the bedding conglomerate Hilding Anders, which was the largest mattress company in Europe at the time of its sale in 2003. Under the visionary leadership of Bengt Adolfsson, the company experienced a remarkable transformation, escalating its revenue from 60 million to nearly 4 billion Swedish kronor during his tenure as CEO, culminating in his final year as Chairman of the Board.

Upon the sale of the company, it became imperative for BGA Invest to employ its capital wisely. The intention was to avoid idle funds and instead channel them towards ventures that would make a tangible impact. Opportunities abound, both in terms of financially promising enterprises seeking additional capital and active ownership.

Today, BGA Invest maintains an active ownership stake in a select group of ventures, complemented by a smaller number of passive investments. The management team also extends their expertise to various board positions, unrelated to ownership interests, and offers their services as management consultants to companies without any ownership stake. By diversifying their involvement, BGA Invest continues to explore innovative avenues for growth and success.

Business Idea

BGA Invest AB aims to invest in unlisted companies with a compelling idea and dedicated management that are locally or regionally rooted and in need of both capital and business development assistance.

BGA Invest seeks to provide significant capital, thereby establishing a substantial ownership stake, with the long-term goal of fostering the growth of these companies and ultimately pursuing their listing.


BGA Invest has a well-established network of individuals and companies, both within the entrepreneurial community and the financial sector.

Business that creates growth

BGA Invest AB invests in local or regional companies with strong growth potential. Ideally, we aim to acquire a controlling stake in the companies we invest in, providing both capital and active ownership. BGA Invest is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with broad industrial experience. The long-term objective of our investments is to actively develop the companies, fostering expansion and profitability, and subsequently transitioning them into new ownership environments for further growth.

To further strengthen BGA Invest’s portfolio companies and provide greater resources for the businesses we engage with, we continuously strive for improvement. Through financial strength, commitment, and active ownership, we nurture and develop “our” companies. Additionally, we leverage our extensive network to discover and engage with new, innovative entrepreneurs.

Smart Refill – Smart ID Verification


BGA Invest primarily invests in businesses where we can acquire a controlling stake and be active owners.
Our active holdings consist of:

Ownership and Equity stake

Smart Refill AB – BGA
BGA Estates SL – BGA
Minesto – 22% First North
Acconeet – 11.3% First North
Watersprint AB – 1.6%

Exit and Equity stake

Facino AB – BGA
Facino Production AB – BGA
S Reg International AB – 53.80%
Niconovum – 34.30%


Git Sturesjö Adolfsson